Who are we?

Mad About Cork is a volunteer group dedicated to improving Cork’s public spaces through guerilla gardening, street art, and more.

Since early 2016 we’ve been holding weekly meet-ups and leading volunteers on projects that have brought life back to derelict and unused spaces around the city. These include Coleman’s Lane, Kyle St, Patrick’s Quay and Douglas St. These spaces have been transformed with the addition of boxes made from upcycled pallet wood, and planted up with a varied selection of flowers and shrubs.

Our volunteers have also created numerous street art pieces which celebrate all things Cork. The Frank And Walters, Ashling Thompson, Daniel Florence O’Leary, Mary Elmes and King Joffrey Baratheon have all been given their own tributes on electrical boxes across the city.  Other pieces our crew has created include the portraits of the 1916 rebels on Kyle St, the Grand Parade Mural outside Bishop Lucey Park and the Coleman’s Lane Street Art project.

Over two hundred people, including visitors from over 30 countries have joined in to help out with the painting and gardening with us. We’ve also had support from businesses, charities, city officials, and the general public.

We have some exciting projects coming up in 2017. Follow us on social media for updates and if you’d like to get involved, drop us a message. We’re always looking for people who share our passion for Cork and want to make it even better!