Mad About Cork Photography Exhibition

Mad About Cork will be staging a photography exhibition and talk on their work in and around the old town area of Cork city. The event, which takes place in St. Peter’s on North Main St throughout February, will feature photography from two of the group’s integral members, Peter Mahony and Kevin O’Brien. Together, they have been documenting the volunteers’ street art and guerrilla gardening projects over the past couple of years.

Standout projects include the Coal Quay Veg Garden, which has seen a neglected site on Corn Market Street turned into a productive and attractive vegetable garden; and Coleman’s Lane, a rundown historic lane which has been rejuvenated with dozens of flower boxes and colourful art. Other areas to also have gotten the groups’ trademark treatment are Patrick’s Quay, Abbey St, Kyrl’s Quay and Georges Quay. The volunteers have also painted many of the electrical boxes on Cork’s streets which celebrate some of the city’s heroes and history. The Frank & Walters, Cillian Murphy, Ashling Thompson, Maggie Barry, and Tanora – Cork’s favourite fizzy drink – have all been depicted in street art dotted throughout the city.

The photographers, Peter and Kevin, share their unique perspective of how Mad About Cork carry out their work through community led projects that rely on the spirit of volunteerism. With a background in art and music as well as photography, Peter uses his creative eye to capture the volunteers in action and has been volunteering himself with the group from the very start. Kevin is one of the groups founding members and brings his background in history and journalism to his photography. His documentary style of photography shows the evolution of the various projects, from nascent beginnings to completion.

The exhibition runs throughout the month of February at St. Peter’s on North Main Street. There is also a launch party in the venue on Friday the 2nd of February at 5pm taking place as part of the Quarter Block Party festival. Everybody is welcome to join .

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Find the photographers on facebook, instagram, and twitter… @PeterMahonyArt and Kevin O’Brien @VivaMediaCork